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All Information about Zee 5

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Hii Guys I am Prem Mane. I welcome you to this Blog. Today we will discuss the Zee 5 Application. So stay tuned in the blog. A few days we see a blog about the OTT Platform and today we Talk about Zee 5 Application.

As you know Zee 5 is an Online OTT platform Application where we can see Online TV, movies, Serial, Documentaries, kids and sports shows etc you see in this app. Zee 5 is famous for Hotstar, Sony LIV, Voot and other OTT Platforms. Zee 5 telecast Shows of Zee Entertainment Enterprize Company channels.

History Of Zee 5

It is an Online OTT Platform Due To We can see the online Program here with any tension. Zee 5 telecast the Show under Zee Network. It is launched on 14 February 2018 in 12 languages. this app is available for Web, Android, Smart TV, iOS and other devices. Zee 5 is available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and others and 6 languages. This app is run by Zee Entertainment Enterprize. This App become famous like Hotstar, Sony LIV, Voot and other OTT Platforms. 2018 – 2022 it’s Many users joined this application.

 App Download

Now we talk about where we can download this app. This app is available in Play Store, Google, chrome, App Store and other Platform Like Hotstar, Sony LIV and voot. To download go to the play store and search there Zee 5 App. Then we easily download this app. This app size has only 30 MB with 3.6 stars and 1M+ reviews. Also Rated for 12+ and 100M+ Downloader. is the official website for the Zee 5. This app has Good Reviews with a 3.6-star rating. This app has not had Some good reviews on the play store but still, it’s a good app with 3.6 ratings.

 App login

After downloading the Zee 5 now we are going to tell you about Zee 5 login. After opening the app We see this option of login click here and log in with the Phone Number and Email address. Either we can open an account with help of Facebook, Google or tweeter. If you already have an account then you can sign up here with the username and password. You will easily do it. Here within a minute you can log in to your account and watch shows.

 App Front Page

After entering in App we will see the first page of the app. After entering the first page we will see here options like Hotstar, Sony LIV, Voot and other OTT Platform Applications. This app has a black theme that’s why it’s looking good. And also graphics are good like other OTT Platforms.

We can see here To 10 shows in Zee 5, the Top 10 in Multiple Language, films, serials and other show lists. Also, we can get the Home, search setting and other options. Here small children To old People enjoy this App.

That way we can easily use this app.  This app is specially made for entertainment purposes.

 App information

 App information

Zee 5 is an online OTT Platform in which we can see online TV Shows Originals sports Movies and other Categories shown here. It works Under Zee Entertainment Enterprize it’s a company that merged with Sony India company in some time. Then Zee And Sony Company work together. We can easily watch here online tv without any Problems. It doesn’t matter if you will get a chance to see tv or not. The full entertainment is on the air here at any time. You can watch Online shows any time or Before 24 hours Ago on Tv.

 How to use this App

It’s simple to use this app like Hotstar, Sony LIV and voot application. You can choose what you see them you can choose Audio Language, Video Quality, Subtitle Language etc you can choose with your mind. Also, You can Move the video Forward or backwards by 10 seconds. Also, you can download the video here then you watch it later. It’s Simple like Youtube. You can also Save our video on the Watchlist. It’s giving the best experience to you. By the way, it’s easy to use become it’s an app have like youtube. In youtube, you can select videos and watch them with multiple Subtitles, Quality, and speed. Same here in Zee 5 also you Use it easily.

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How to Get VIP Zee 5 App Subscription

To get the VIP Subscription to Zee 5 you can open the app and then click on the Zee 5 Logo button then which gives you to option of Which Plan can execute? Here are the available plans –

1. 399 – 3 Months Pack – 2 screen Telecast at the same time.

2. 999 ( 699 ) limited Period Offer – 12 Months Pack – 3 Screen Telecast At same Time.


1. 2800+ blockbuster movies

2. 150+ Web Series

3. Live Tv before TV

4. Special Offer For Limited Period.

5. Watch on Mobile, Tv, Laptop etc device.

With these 6+ features and offers, you can enjoy the Zee 5 App with your family members. Now Zee 5 giving us to offer to subscribe to the pack. You can save your money and you can also use the Promo code to get a discount on it.

 Advantages Of Zee 5 App

Zee 5 is an online OTT platform, due to which you can watch your favourite shows. The advantage of this app is that you can watch your favourite shows on mobile without any problems also you can see tv serials before TV. Whether you get to see Tv shows or not, you can watch them anytime on this app. And you can also enjoy more quality. And in this app, all the shows are available for small children to big people. The whole family will enjoy a single app with the help of this App. This app is a Helpful and Entertaining app like other applications. Zee 5 is an online OTT Platform where you watch Shows under Zee company Channels like Zee tv Zee Marathi Zee talkies and other channels. You can enjoy here Serial channels to News channel. It has the main advantages of Zee 5.

 Disadvantages of Zee 5

 Disadvantages of Zee 5

Like other apps, This app have also disadvantages. First is Subscription Many people Can’t buy the Subscription that’s why they can’t enjoy the full application and watch only free videos here. That’s why this thing strikes many people. And the second one is in this app Come to every ad. Fie example you watch the episode then every 3 4 minute ad comes that’s why people can’t enjoy the video perfectly. This also strikes many Peoples. And the last one is There are many people Faces problem like Login. They should have Been working on these bugs and Do correct them. Otherwise, this is the best app for OTT platforms like Hotstar, Voot Sony LIV and others applications. Its app has 3+ Disadvantages Which strikes many people that’s why its app has a low rating rather to other OTT Platforms.

What you see in Zee 5 App

You can watch here online Tv Shows, web series, Documentaries, movies, sports kids’ shows and another one.

Here all categories of channels are available.

These channels are Available in Zee 5 Application.

1. Zing.

2 Zee Zest

3. Zee Yuva.

4. Zee Marathi

5. Zee Talkies

Here is a list of channels which is available in Zee 5. Here are 20+ channels Available in Zee 5. You can enjoy this channel in this Application.


Zee 5 Is an online OTT Platform Application that’s why you can watch online tv shows sports movies etc here. In this application, you can see channels or shows under Zee Entertainment Enterprize Company. You can Enjoy it here with your family.

As you see in this Blog we cover all points one by one in this Blog. App History to What you see in this app etc all information we cover in this Blog. If you have any doubts about this blog then inform me in the comment box. We meet in the next blog stay tuned Take Care. Goodbye.



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