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Brief talk about Colours

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Hello, friends welcome to this website. Today we are going to give all information about Brief talk about Colours. After reading this post, all of you will get complete information about Brief talk about Colours Before this, let us tell you that the only real fact is 100% Genuine site and it gives you absolutely correct information, so let’s know friends about Brief talk about Colours.

Colours are a part of life. Let’s talk about COLOURS. We can use COLOR in American English or can use COLOUR in British English. 

What are Colours

An interesting property of a substance, which can be formulated or defined by its own physical identity, brightness, contrast, hue, lightness and saturation. For physics definitive part of colour is slightly different from previous words. In physics, colours occurred in the presence of electromagnetic radiation of wavelength. Now human eyes have a specific range. This depends on colour vision and light spectrum. 

History about colours 

There are some strong historical points on colour. In the 17th century, Sir Issac Newton first discovered the visibility of the spectrum of light and formed the colour wheel. He studied the properties of white light and researched with experimentation by using a prism. they noticed that the white colour is a mixture of various colours. they were able to split white colours into different colours. He produced wheel colours by mapping the colours into octave schema. And found the formation OF ‘ R O Y G B I V ‘. He was the first man who defined the presence of primary and secondary colours. And also publish the concept of hue from the ‘R O Y G B I V ‘concept. After that, so many developments happened in colour theory. 

A well-known German author, poet, scientist, theatre director and critic wrote a book named’ Theory of ‘ in 1840. His name was Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. All types of the phenomena of usage of and choose pigmentation aberration are written here. He developed the old principles of Newton. As part of a natural phenomenon, he introduced new ways and possibilities with a fascination with colours. Deep theory on light, its presence and absence all are written here in that book. He did several experiments on colour theories and modified Newtonian theory. 


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The pigment is a small coloured particle which is used for paintings. These particles can’t make solutions with water. pigments can absorb particular wavelengths from sunlight. That means pigment reflected light after absorption and shows colours. 

We use pigment to provide colours in materials for any kind of paint. For that, we can use modern pigmentation. 

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Few people things that pigment and dyes are the same. That is wrong.  By our natural property, we can differentiate the originality of a pigment and a dye.

  • Pigments are not soluble in water. It can’t make a solution. Dye is an organic compound, it has the power of solubility in liquid. It can make a solution. Yes, in that can we have to use a binder. 
  • Pigments are used in the plastic industry for plastics. For cosmetics or paints it is used. And dues are used for the textile industry, and paper industry.

Primary Colours 

Primary are three types. These are used to make a mixture to produce new for combination purposes These three  are RED, YELLOW and BLUE (normally). These colours cannot be created by any kind of mixture of colours. These are like unit colours. 

But the interesting thing is that for television or computer screens the primary are RED, BLUE and GREEN (RBG). 

Secondary Colours

Simply they are form by the mister of two or three primary colours. If we split ORANGE we will find red and yellow. These are two primary and ORANGE is the secondary one. 




Tertiary Colours 

A tertiary colour is also name by intermediate colour. This is create by mixing full saturation of primary and half saturation of another primary with another secondary colour.





In theory, we will find the perception of HUE as the property of colours. Hue means the actual essential source or origin of a particular . Like yellow is a primary colour. It is a hue. We can choose secondary and tertiary colours as hues. So hues are pure . 


TINT is a mixture of hue and white. It becomes litebor pale (in clour density) regarding hue or pure colour. 


it is a mixture of hue and grey ( black + white). The tone has a special role in mature painting. So use it wisely.


Shade is a mixture of hue and black. For shading purposes, they are used in paintings. It represents the darkness of a colour. The essence of a hue will be constant. 

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Colour Wheel 

credit- freepik.com

wheel is an illustrative representation of pure or hues in circular formate. 

Vision wave

its vision is an elementary property of visual features, and it has the power to differentiate the perception of different light wavelengths. vision and colour perception are important things in the visual system.

Visible Spectrum 

The visible light spectrum is the portion of electromagnetic radiation. And this spectrum is visible to us. We can gaze only visible light spectrum. The visible wavelength range is between four hundred nanometres (400 nm, violet ) and seven hundred nanometres (700 nm, red). 

  • For red wavelength ( 625 to 740 nm) and frequency (480 to 405 THz)
  • For orange wavelength ( 590 to 625 nm) and frequency (510 to 480 THz)

So here we can see that colours are dependent on wavelength, energy and frequency.

Rainbow Colours 

All of us know about Rainbow which is a natural gift to us. Rainbow is a phenomenon of atmospheric science naturally create by radiation of sunlight, properties of reflection, the refraction and dispersion of sunlight and this is create in the presence of droplets in the sky with dust. We can see rainbows mostly in the rainy season with the presence of sunlight as an appearance of the spectrum of light. Then we may see a huge arch in the sky. Seven are seen in that case. These are visible due to the radiation of the sun. They are,

  • Red 
  • Orange
  • yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • violet

Apart from that, we can not see other.

1. Infrared 

2. ultraviolet (UV) 

Brief talk about science beyond the rainbow

We know that this natural phenomenon happens because of light’s properties. But how? This is a very interesting thing!

Droplets are in the sky with dust. Now sunlight comes and faces with a droplet. Some part of the light is reflect by the droplet and the rest of the part enters into the droplet. Then refraction occurs at the inner surface and some parts are reflect towards the back. And some parts of light are bouncing into the spherical-shaped droplet and reflect according to a range of angles. Some parts are not use for internal full reflection. Red light is reflect on a small scale than blue light. That’s why blue is seen inside the rainbow. and by this thing, a rainbow occurs. There are also some mathematical derivations on this topic.


  1. they are very beautiful things in the world, very chromatic things. 
  2. Colour can signify any kind of essence of an object. 
  3. it help us to make and lead a beautiful life. And also help to make a good environment. 
  4. There is an effect of the presence of in the personality of a human being.
  5. We all have our own desired. We can use them for representation or anything.
  6. Red colour is used to signify the state of danger.
  7. In a traffic signal, we see three colours. Red, green and yellow. Red represents the sign of danger, green represents the sign of walking or moving and yellow tells us to be ready to take a new position.
  8. For traffic police white is used in his umbrella. They also use a white cap or helmet for protecting their heads from sunlight. Because white does not absorb heat.
  9. On the road if you see any kind of sign or flag of red colour, you have to understand that any kind of road construction or pipe construction is going on on the road.
  10. You can use your desired for your start-up or business. they can define your identity and uniqueness by showing your customised combination.

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Thank you!

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