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factors that affects Our Health

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Well, some people think why Our Health is important in everyone’s life and how health plays an important role in our life so our health is play an important role to fight against bacteria and protect us from the unwanted disease so that is why maintaining health is very important for this time. And if your health is good so you can do anything in your life and achieve your goals also health affects your mind and mood.

Why health is important?

Health is not any specific body part which we can maintain very easily. Health is the combination of physical and mental health so we need to maintain all the things and we need to take care of our all-body parts to maintain good health. There are so many reasons why our health is getting in a bad situation and cannot able to respond well.
so, let’s see some reasons and we can also see some solutions to those reasons to how to overcome those situations. But first, we need to understand what is physical health and mental health.

Physical health

Well, physical health is called our human outer body structures condition, for example, if you have any kind of injury on your outer body part so you can call your physical health is not good and at that time you need to take rest to recover. So that’s call physical health.

Mental health

Our Health

Well, the type of mental health is the same as physical health but in this type, you are suffering from mental problems like disease or illness and at this stage, you need to visit the doctor for some guidance to recover from your mental health problems and at the time you can be call you are not good from your mental health.

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So now let’s see some factors which can affect our health to get worse.


Well, at this time we can see there are lots of problems we need to face because of bad environmental conditions and there are different kinds of environmental problems we need to face, for example, air pollution, water pollution and so many others also affect our health directly or indirectly so let’s see those environmental problems in detail

Air pollution

Well, there are so many factors are responsible to do air pollution like overuse of personal vehicles, industry, etc.…. and the bad air which is release by industry and vehicles is indirectly affecting people’s health because those company and vehicles release their bad air in the open air but we also take a breath in the same air so those partials are not visible but those bad partials are every wear so we take these things in our body and after all those air problems some serious health problems like asthma and many other diseases which is very hard to recover from those diseases. So, after all, air pollution affects people’s health.

Water pollution

Well, water pollution also equally plays a role as air pollution because in the case of water pollution there are also some industries involved who release their bad and impurify water into canals and rivers to drink and to the survey of Cambridge University is locate in the UK. The survey is based on how many people drink that impurify water in their daily life and the result is more than 50% of people drink that water and more than 30% of the world’s population died because of bad drinking water. So, at this time we do not need any type of clearance to prove water pollution also affects our health and if we cannot take care of it as result, we can die also.


Our Health

Well, lifestyle also plays an important role to maintain our mental and physical health but nowadays everyone lives hectic and fast life so no one has time to take care of their health and after some age, those people realize that health is important. Because at this time everyone makes their first-choice money and the second choice is family so no one thing about their health. Nowadays people wake up early and start their work without doing any exercise and yoga and not only this people sleep at late in the night so as result sleep is not complete. Research says at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary to maintain our health. There are so many other things that also impact our health like doing hard work and picking up a heavyweight so it will affect people’s physical health as well as mental health.


Well, this factor is everyone knows very well because at that time everyone liked to eat different kinds of foods from the outside of the house and nowadays it is common to eat fast food once a week. But some people can not know what kind of problems we need to face if we eat fast and spice food daily because there are so many different kinds of harm full chemicals are used in this food to make so and after all those chemicals, we take with that food.

Some products are so heavy for our body to digest that food stays in our body for a long time and it will affect our heart and also bring some heart and veins related problems and diseases like heart block.

To avoid all those types of disease which are brought with food so people need to follow a strict diet which can maintain their body weight and protect them from other diseases. And there are all types of nutrients are available in vegetarian and healthy food so we do not need to worry about those things. We have one example which is the elephant which eats only vegetarian food and healthy food and the elephant is the strongest and healthiest animal in the animal kingdom. So, we do not need to worry about nutrients.



Well, some people do not know bout genes. So, genes mean some family habits and so many other things which are brought from the are parents some people say this person looks like his mom or dad so these things have come from the genes. So, let’s start understanding how genes affect our bodies. There are some diseases which are cancer and physical and mental disability

which is commonly come from the parents and in that case, and there are no solutions to this problem now but scientists still researching how to rebuild or rewrite gene cells to protect the child from this kind of unknown disease and disability. In some countries, some doctors try this therapy on some selected patients and this therapy calls gene therapy in that doctors change those damaged or bad cells in the child and develop new and important cells which can help the child in the latter sage of their life. But till now there is no successful case coming out from this therapy which can help another child to do this therapy. So, till now there is no solution to this kind of problem.


Well, in today’s time everyone has lots of stress some people have stress from family some people have stress from the workplace, and some people have stress from the study. So, in my point of view, every one stress in their life but some people tackle those stress very easily but in case of remaining people who face lots of difficulties to tackle this stress and after all, they feel useless or get depress so those things affect people’s mind as well as physical health because nowadays we can lot of cases relate to mental and physicals stress people feel and after all, if they can not any solution of their problem those people committed subside

these things are more than mental and physical health. In the solution to this stress problem, we need lots of things like spreading awareness because it is common to suffer from mental stress. Some people hire some mental expert to tackle this problem but what about others? So, there are so many NGOs running that help those people who are suffering from mental health or suffered from stress and they need a solution to how to overcome them. So, this is a solution where people can get some positive advice from the experts and start their journey with a new point.


In overall conclusion I feel there are so many other factors are available in this world which affect our health but in my point of view, those 5 factors are major factors which affect every people one in life and some factors affect people in day-to-day life so that is why I only cover major 5 important factors & explain I detail how those factors affect our health.

So, thank you to read my blog at the end and I hope you can find some important information about health-related things. And if you want more interesting information about health so stay in tune with us because I am a fitness influencer so I will upload more and more important information about health which will help you in the upcoming time.

Thank you.

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