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All information about Time Management

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Time Management  is considered to be the fourth dimension, which comes after the first, second and third dimensions namely x, y and z respectively. From class seven onwards, students begin to play with time to indicate the intervals between the sequence of events and to describe speed, and velocity like quantities. In Math and Physics, time is equal to the final position minus the initial position divided by velocity. According to the question or situation, the equation of velocity may differ, here in the equation of finding time, it is or we can use speed as velocity. In short, the equation is time = distance ÷ speed. Time is a limited resource. Here are some quotes and notes about time: 

  • “Time is the ultimate currency”.
  • Time is like a flow of water, if you try to stop with your leg, it will stick with a little bit of pressure and even if you succeed in blocking the flow of water, when you take off your leg, the speed, the quantity of water flow is higher for some time compared to normal speed and quantity of flow.
  • You can’t buy everything on and off the earth with money, but with time on your side, you can own anything in this world. Which denotes that time is inversely proportional to money. 
  • Experience does affect your time. 

What is Management?

The practice of systemizing and planning to do multiple tasks in a given period of time is known as Management 

Think as much as you before you do make a decision. 

Education can make a difference in your lifetime, but not that much in everybody’s case because all the legends and most successful people don’t have high educational qualification. This blog is never trying to dissuade you from having higher qualification or education. 

Managers are different kinds. Other than the one that you are looking for time management includes Money Management, Family management, office Management, digital management, School management, etcetera.  

In an Individuals life, the most important management is Money management which comes after Time Management.  

How to manage time?

  In Math and Physics, Work done is equal to mass times acceleration ininhortest distance(displacement).  

The above formulae are given to mention that all living things do work in their everyday life whether it is paid work or not. Even non-living things participate with living things to do their work. Methods to manage time are as follows  

smart work instead of hard work 

So many humans even other organisms in the ecosystem work accordingly to their daily routine. They may think that I’m enough older or not young enough to change my daily routine. But the truth is smart people are never younger or older. There’s a saying that You become what you believe. Smart work is not always done by the same people, it is done by hard-working people who believe that they can change or they can do much easier or quicker by doing things this way or that way. And this is how smart people are selected from hard-working people and how opting for smart work helps in managing time. 

  • Don’t ever ignore or forget about sleep 

A very important ingredient or component of your health is sleep. It helps to recharge all organs and fluids in every living organism. Also doing yoga is highly recommended. Sleeping helps every living organism to change emotionally, physically, metaphysically, spiritually, karmically, cosmically, inter-dimensionally, etcetera. Even if you have to manage or need more time, don’t ever make it matter in the case of sleep, it will cost you throughout your lifetime. 

Sleeping, like eating food, must be considered as medicine, otherwise, you will be compelled to take artificial medicine like for example, Allopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etcetera. So, food and sleep are very essential medicines for every living being. 

Last but not least

Last but not least
  1. Fix a definite scheduled time for eating food, writing, reading, playing games, recharging your devices, shopping etcetera. 
  1. Note the lists of daily schedules. 
  1. Legends, most successful people, richest people in the world manage their time very well enough. 
  1. Keep tracking where your precious time is consuming 
  1. Learn to say ‘no’ 
  1. You should have more awareness of the time that you have spent on the unproductive activities 
  1. Don’t be tense, because when you got tensed, your time goes in the same speed as normal but you feel like it’s going too fast. 
  1. Spend more time to connect a larger or huge purpose. 
  1. Optimize your working environment. 

Merits of fine time management 

At the time you know how to be in charge of your time effectively, you can decipher many advantages and also, if there are advantages, there will be disadvantages too. 


  • If you don’t keep your time managed, then your confidence level will decrease. So, firstly your confidence level is directly proportional to your ability to time management 
  • Secondly, an increase in confidence will result in improved focus, which is essential for learning, writing, reading, studying, searching, etcetera and doing day-to-day paid work that is done to earn a living. 
  • Thirdly, focus gained from increased confidence results in reaching goals faster. 
  • Confidence and focus bring increased productivity with decreased stress which will give you more free time by clearing your daily goals for a better workplace relationship. 
  • Time management leads to fewer reworkings on the same thing by not wasting your precious time. 
  • Managing your time will result in less friction and problems which gives you great opportunities. 
  • We can spend more time on other things 
  • Helps us by low effort and low load on our day-to-day life and also helps in building a reputation. 

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  • Main matter is no time to take rest, which will automatically lead to fatigue as part of thy life. 
  • You will not get time for self-care, self-love etcetera. 
  • Procrastination will probably be the worst enemy. 
  • Unable to prioritize your daily tasks. 
  • Poor time management will affect your multitasking ability and you will be failing to manage your distractions. 
  • Obstacles are directly proportional to lack of time management. 
  • You can’t estimate the correct or accurate time required to finish something. And also, you will be busy and not effective with what you are doing. 
  • Opportunities will be miss in your life. 

What is Time Management? 

What is Time Management? 

It is the ability to use time more effectively or productively, especially when doing a job or work. 

It’s about making better use of time. 

Your skills and abilities determine your management of time by giving you more or less time, if you have high skills and abilities then you may achieve more time and if you have fewer skills and abilities then you will be having less time to complete your mission. 

Not even superman works for 24 hours. Finding your time is not easy. 

Sometimes, it’s the small little step that we take (like the quote “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”) that can make a huge difference. 

So, if the decision is taken, pending or not taken at all, the choice is always yours. 

If any living beings ever had a wish, then it will be need of more time, everybody knows if they have got a little more time when need, they are blessed. 

When we work productively, we can invest more time in ourselves by which we can achieve more confidence and whatsoever comes along with that. 

There will be more time to learn new skills when you learn to manage time, deadliness becomes manageable. 

Your mental wellbeing is directly proportional to your quality of work. 

The more we improve ourselves, the more valuable we are. 

Prioritizing your work flow is a must have thing which will helps you find when and what to focus and put off those matters. 

Your goal setting must be crucial, realistic, specific, time bound, attainable and measurable. 

There are four D words about Productivity or Time management. They are Do, Defer, Delegate and Delete. These four D words are like the four dimensions helps you to make faster decisions on completing a task yourselves and what should be acted upon in the future and what and all should be removed or dropped from your schedule or daily routine like the to-do list. 

Reference of Time Management in Comics 

There are several science fiction movies about time travel. Let’s discuss about marvel movies based on comics. In Avengers Infinity war and Endgame, Thanos wiped half away the universe. Avengers tried to stop him because the decision was not made by one man itself like Thanos did. But we can see that Clint Barton also known as Bow and Arrow uses a cup which has a quote or text written as “Thanos was right” on it. Time stone is protect or kept securely by the sorcerer supreme namely The Ancient One and Doctor Strange respectively. This is just about two movies in Marvel Comic Universe (MCU). There are lots of reference about time management in Comics. 

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