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Mobile Phone under 10000 Realme


1) Now we can be connected to our friends, relatives at any time we want through many apps. Now we can talk video chat with whoever we want, by just operating your mobile phone or smartphone. Apart from this mobile also keeps us updated about the whole world.

2) With the improvement of mobile technology, the whole entertainment world is now under one roof. Whenever we get bored with routine work or during the breaks, we can listen to music, watch movies, our favorite shows or just watch the video of one’s favorite song.

3) Today mobiles phone has made our life so easy for daily life activities. Today, one can assess the live traffic situation on mobile phone and take appropriate decisions to reach on time. Along with it the weather updates, booking a cab and many more.

4) These days mobiles are used for many types of official work From meeting schedules, sending and receiving documents, giving presentations, alarms, job applications, etc. Mobile phones have become an essential device for every working people.

5) Nowadays mobiles are even used as a wallet for making payments. Money could be transferred almost instantly to friends, relatives or others by using mobile baking in the smartphone. Also, one can easily access his/her account details and know past transactions. So it saves a lot of time and also hassle-free.


Gone are the days when mobile phones are used only for communicating by voice or messages. Now mobile phones are being used for a variety of purpose. We can see each other through video calls & video chats. Now our life revolves around mobile phones. Let it be sending emails or browsing net; every facility is available in phones itself. The most important feature is the camera, by which we can capture every moment of our life in forms of photos & videos, which we can treasure for life long.

Besides the applications which are supported in mobile phones have changed our lives. Now shopping online, entertainment, weather forecast, news everything is just a click away. The social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. has influenced almost everyone’s life. It also supports the features which make official works easier like PowerPoint, word, excel, documents, emails & many more.

Even now, we can do mobile banking sitting at home with easy access with the help of mobile applications. Starting from booking tickets for the journey to a movie, everything has become more relaxed with mobile applications. It has also made things easier to trace criminals by use of GPS. Mobile phones have started replacing computers, laptops due to their compatibility & easy usage. Due to the multitasking behaviour of mobile phones, these are now termed as smartphones.


Mobile phones can be handy if it is used cautiously; otherwise, they can even be proved disadvantageous in several instances. People are getting addicted to phone day by day, resulting in wasting most of their time in smartphones instead of something useful. People are so indulged in the social media that they are ready to do every possible thing to get fame in any platform. Excessive dependency on mobile phones has also resulted in the distancing of people. As people spend most of the times in phones they do not even prefer to talk to the people they are surrounded by.

Smartphones have distracted everyone of us from focusing on a single thing. Also, it has made people dumb as everything is available just a click away. People are getting lazy day by day. Apart from all these mobile phones has severely affected the eyesight of all age of people. Using mobile for a long time causes strain, headache, watery eyes, sleeplessness & more.

Mobile phones have created an environment in which we lack privacy, as our information is getting stored on the web. One can now also trace our location with the help of smartphones. The number of crimes has increased to many manifolds due to the misuse of mobile phones. Now people are spending more money on buying mobile phones for better user experiences which can also be counted as a waste of money.

 Realmenazaro 30A

This mobile phone is in amazon and it is under 10000.The real price in amazon with offer having 8989 rupees in laser blue color. And in laser black the price is 9049 rupees.


It is realme brand phone available in both color laser blue/black.3 gb ram and 32 gb internal. It is Android phone and model of is realsed in 2021.It is also with 1 year warranty. 6.5 inch display of this phone and internal is also expand upto 256gb.Back side camera is 13mp+2mp and front camera having 8mp.This phone having good battery featured also 6000 mah.

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