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Tips for students to become a topper

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They are struggling a lot to get good marks and are unable to do so. Here are 12 strategies to help you become a topper so you can relax and stop worrying about your grades.

Are you one of those students whose teachers constantly punish them when they get low marks even though they work hard and study but are unable to achieve higher grades because they do not follow a proper strategy? If so, you should take action. Students suffer severely when they get low grades and have to deal with problems and punishments from their parents.

Advantages of becoming a topper:-

Why do we need to be Toppers is a question that comes up frequently, but don’t worry, I’m

going to explain it to you, along with some Advantages:-

  • you will get more attention in front of the entire class
  • Make teachers and friends proud
  • you can be a role model for your friends
  • Achieve your dreams
  • you can get more rewards and gifts
  • Be successful with no regrets.

Study daily

To become a Topper, you must adopt the techniques used by Toppers. Topper students are the ones who put in a lot of effort and hold themselves accountable for any procrastination. They don’t allow procrastination to cause them to step outside their comfort zones. You must study every day if you want to achieve academically. It doesn’t mean that you must study more each day as Toppers do rather you must study every day and well revise the material to avoid anxiety before exams.

Prepare notes

The first and most important thing is to take notes when teaching to boost a student’s capacity for learning. When they take notes, they can understand the material and can memorize it for a long time. Making notes while lecturing helps improve the momentum where one can succeed more and can top the class. Additionally, you can include headings or cheat sheets to make your notes more appealing and attractive so that they will be simpler to understand and easier to remember for a long time.

Revise within a day

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The most common mistake kids make in school is failing to revise previously learned topics because they are cramming so many into their already short attention spans. Not revising results in forgetting the concepts. Thus whenever you don’t go over the material you’ve already learned, you run the risk of forgetting it all during the exam. Therefore, no matter what make sure you thoroughly review the concepts within a day. If there are four or more units of five or more that you need to study, for instance, if you have learned the first unit, make sure you review it within a day.

Jot down important concepts

We already know that there will be many key notes and points in each chapter, making it impossible to learn everything in the allotted time. As a result, there will be a summary or key ideas that will be repeatedly mentioned in previous exam papers. Jot down and organize these key ideas into notes to make it simpler for you to remember them before the test.

Practice Everyday

Practice makes perfect, as we already know, so whenever you acquire a new concept, attempt to practice it until you feel confident. Revision and taking notes are separate concepts and everyday practice is a separate aspect. Don’t try to push yourself to remember everything; instead, focus on practising the things you’ve written down until you have mastered the difficult subject.

Ask Doubts

The biggest mistake many students make is not asking questions about the concepts. Because they are afraid that the teacher or lecturer will scold them or even punish them. For this reason, students refrain from asking questions. And not only that, but their friends also tease them when they do. However, if you have any simple questions, no matter how silly or hilarious the questions was, make sure to ask them because failing to do so will cause the doubt to follow you around like a ghost.

Since you are paying tuition fees at the college and it would be incompatible to not ask questions while you are paying for that, you have the right to do so. As a result, don’t be embarrassed or anxious about raising questions. If you are in doubt, go ahead and ask your teacher and receive their clarification as soon as you can by feeling confident enough to ask.

Use Resources

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Since we live in a digital age, students can benefit greatly from digital resources. However, if you do not have access to these tools, you can make excellent use of the library at your institution or school. Reading books about your academics is also very important for grasping knowledge. If teachers aren’t available when you have questions, stick with it and use the digital tools that are available online. Sign up for those platforms and learn the fundamentals there so you can get more advance in your skills.


Students can benefit from practising meditation for at least five minutes because it can help them relax their muscles, increase their focus, and many more things you can’t even begin to comprehend. Since student life is busy and stressful. It’s crucial to find time for meditation each day for at least 10 minutes if you want to be a top student.

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I understand that what I’m about to say is boring, but you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to stay active throughout the day. If you are active throughout the day, you can complete your tasks, have more time, and be able to study for long periods. However, studying for longer periods is boring and demotivating. So to increase your energy and stay active throughout the day. You should spend at least 15 minutes each day doing something you enjoy so that you can get away from long-term study boredom.


If you teach the concepts you have learned to other people. You get more attention, which helps in improving your knowledge. You will be able to learn the concept in depth keeping in mind that you are explaining it to someone. And be able to explain those concepts to your friends. So that you both can benefit from teaching concepts to each other.

Wake up Ealy

The most crucial habit for becoming a top student is waking up early. I am aware that this is difficult for those for whom it is not a habit, but if you want something. You must do a lot of sacrifices. As such, sacrifice your sleep to achieve good grades and memorize those concepts for a longer period. Get up early and get your mind ready to take on challenges and step outside of your comfort zone.

Make a study buddy

If you prefer to study alone then there might have the chance of becoming unmotivated if you keep on doing it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, find a study partner who shares your enthusiasm for learning. With a study partner, you can clarify any questions you might have and go over concepts with a friend, which will benefit you both. Not only that, but a study partner will also help you improve your skills quickly. As a result, finding a study partner is a good idea.

Hydrate Yourself


I am aware that this is among the funniest thing to say about it. Students frequently make the mistake of forgetting to drink water while they were deeply focused on their studies or while studying for extended periods. However, doing this reduces their learning capacity, leaves their minds feeling extremely fatigued, and makes them feel lazy. Therefore, staying hydrated helps to increase your focus and motivates you to be active throughout the day for becoming a topper.


Even though it is challenging, a slow learner can become a topper. To succeed, you must push yourself beyond your comfort zone and work hard to rise to the top. Don’t be foolish. Don’t take things for granted. Be careful. Make your parents proud by achieving your goals. You’ll regret it if you’re still in the same situation a year from now. Fear is a factor that prevents students from achieving their goals, but don’t let it stop you. These are the best tips for becoming a topper and are the great tactics that toppers use in their daily routines. Use these techniques in your daily study routine to become a topper

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