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Top Crazy App and Websites You Need to Know


REMEMBER: Some of these apps may not be proper for you, so skip those and try the other apps in the list for free. If you have time and have no other option left or getting bored then try these apps to kill the time. I recommend you to search this app first in the browser and then in the play store because some of them won’t be available in the play store.


Wakie is basically a reminder administration. You select a chance to get a call, hit the hay, and let the application do its thing. Be that as it may, here’s the particular part: when you come to your wake up time and arbitrary more unusual calls you and conversations with you until you are prepared to begin your day. You simply need to download the application and discover it for yourself. Wakie has also won the ‘Creepiest but also the pretty cool app of the year’.

It has a total of 1M+ downloads with 81K+ reviews in the play store. There may be some bugs and small issues but I assure you that you enjoy this app.


With this application, you can start making fake calls and send messages to yourself. In case you are an introvert, you can attempt this application to help you to have an improved Outlook. In spite of the fact that it will seem as though you are going off the deep end in the event that you do that.

Fake all application is one hour for bizarre application yet valuable application to assist you with getting awkward circumstances. You just need to prerecord a  discussion with yourself and use it when you need it. But you need to be cautious in intending to pull off this sort of stretch. 

It has a total of 50M+ downloads and 541K reviews so you can use this app blindly if you need it. It is available in the play store. 


Easy xkcd is one of the funniest interesting applications on the list. It’s a  browser application for the famous xkcd Medicom site. It includes a quest for funniest by title, record or number. You can likewise add funny to your topic choices and can use it offline, and rapidly share with your friends on different online media and sites. It additionally has feeling, material design and a night mode. The application is totally allowed to use with no in-app buys or advertising. There is an optional gift alternative in case you are feeling altruistic.

It has a total of 50K+ downloads and 1K reviews so try it out if you are interested in comic activities. It is available in the play store. 


This Scrabble-based best word game permits you to clash against your friends are some random strangers while you hone your vocabulary by making words with sets of letters. There was even a performance play highlight in the event that you like to do some preparation all alone prior to confronting the opposition.

It has a total of 50M+ downloads and 1M+ reviews. In-play store. 


If you think your phone is used by someone else whom you have no idea about, then you must have this app on your phone.

This is such a useful application that if someone tries to unlock your phone without your notice,  this app captures the photo of the intruder who is trying to get in your phone. I recommend using this app which may save use your secret information, photos, etc. 

It has a total of 50K+ downloads with 510 reviews so download this app right now in play store. 


On an  Android, you can shuffle the appearance pixel by pixel.  In particular, launcher applications like the incredible Nova Launcher let you totally reskin the plan of Android, retrying everything from the home screen format to the subtleties of individual application symbols. When you introduce Nova launcher on your phone, it allows you to add more symbols to the home screen, change their size, change text and name settings, present more motion controls, totally reskin your telephone with another subject, and considerable e more. In the event that your shell out for the prime overhaul, it heaps on significantly more visual customizations.

It has a total of 50M+ downloads with 1M+ reviews,  try this cool app now in the play store. 


Isn’t it irritating when individuals post recordings that were recorded while their cell phones were being held upwards?  This cuts of the picture and make the image look a lot more modest. On the off chance that you continually neglect to hold your phone upward while recording the video, this application is for you. Despite how you hold your telephone common it records the video in landscape or horizontal design.

It has a total of 1M+ downloads with 12K+ reviews in the play store. 

8. S.M.T.H

Shockingly, the deviation makes an interpretation of ‘Send me to Heaven’. No don’t worry it’s not what you are thinking, it’s basically a sports game where the player tosses the phone as highest possible. The higher it goes the more points they get. You can content in various leaderboards like world top 10, week top 10, local top 10 and even Facebook friends.

This app is still in development so wait for a while or download it now. It has a total of 500K+ downloads in play store. 


The ugly camera application will carry a grin to your face with its amusing ongoing filters. It can create a GIF or catch a still separated picture. It can likewise apply clever filters of your decision to the photographs saved on your phone.

It has a total of if 10M+ downloads with 71K+ reviews in the play store.


If you have any old photos of black and white and you want to see them in a colour photo then you must try this application. This is a simple easy to use and mind-blowing app where you can add colours easily to a black and white photo.

It has a total of 500K+ downloads with 10K+ reviews in the play store. 


This application lets you record your voice and then change it to and robot, beast, Honey Bee, Chipmunk and much more through different cool effects. You would then be able to impart your changed voice to friends and have a great time. While there are a number of voice transformer applications for Android but this one is my recommendation for you guys. 

It has a total of 1M+ downloads with 42K+ reviews in the play store. 


Feedly is basically an across-the-board feed for understanding what you love to. You can add your favourite websites inside the application in various classification and areas, this will permit you to pursue every one of the new updates from your favourite destinations. Feedly additionally offers support for a widget on the home screen meaning you can pursue every one of the updates directly from your home screen without opening the application.

It has a total of 5M+ downloads with 311K+ reviews in the play store. 


No, No, No it’s not what you are thinking. It’s just the name, see the content of it, this app gives the easiest way to learn about cosmetics and personal care product ingredients. So if you have a doubt about the cosmetics you are using, then open this type the product name and see whether you should further use it or not.

It has a total of 1M+ downloads with 8K+ reviews in the play store. 


This app is a kinda cool one on the list. If you are interested in making music or videos with a spectrum visualizer that moves to the beat then try this app now.

It has a total of 10M+ downloads with 55K+ reviews in the play store.


This app is such an amazing app because they pay you for sharing your own unused internet. Yep that’s it you just have to install it and send your data limit if you want and leave it,  it runs in the background and pays you. Try this app to make some side income.

This app is not available in the play store so search it in the web browser and download it.

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