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What is One code

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Do you want to earn money online? If yes this article One code is for you. In today’s “Digital Era” Everyone wants to earn money online by using a computer or smartphone but the problem is everyone cannot do this because there is a problem finding legit work on the internet.

In today’s “Digital Era” there are many sources or platforms available on the internet which gives you work from home or online job that pay you for your work but on the internet, there are many platforms available that cheat with you or which are fraud or fake companies. but if you have researched very well on the internet there are so many platforms available for working from home from where you can earn lots of money.

Nowadays Affiliate Marketing is the most excellent and trending work to earn money online. You can make lots of money by promoting the products or services of different companies. There are many platforms for affiliate marketing like Amazon, Digistore24, and Clickbank available on the internet where you can earn lots of money. Even you can make more money online than you can’t reach from your 9 to 5 Job.

What is one code

What is one code

One code is the Indian affiliate marketing platform like earnkaro where you can earn 50000/- per month by promoting financial products like credit cards, Instant Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loan, Bank Accounts, Demat Accounts, Gold loans, Digital Gold and Even You can earn money By Recharge and Bill payments.

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One code is founded by Manish shara and Yash Desai where you can Earn money online By Sharing or promoting Financial Products To your customers or audience. For Example, You promote or share any credit card deal on social media and if anyone applies for the credit card by clicking on your affiliate link then you will Earn up to Rs.3000/- per a single credit card approval. The amount will be credited to your bank account in 7 days if the deal is successfully approved.

If the deal is not done or the credit card is not approved then you will get RS.25/- For that deal. This app Pays Rs.25/- on the rejection of any deal. In comparison with the app Earnkaro, This app is more beneficial for you than Earnkaro.

How to register on one code

Just Follow the Steps Given Below and register on One code

  • Go to the google play store and download the One code App
  • Signup with your name and mobile number
  • Now complete the KYC process by Giving Your Pancard Number and other details.
  • You Have to take a selfie or your photo for your ID Card and you have to give your digital sign
  • Now you are registered then you have to complete the training session given in the App which is Youtube videos. Then start sharing the Deals With Your Network or audience and Start Making Money

Training Session Provided In App

Training Session Provided In App

Before Promoting The deals You must complete the training given by the company and the company will give you a certificate for that training. You will get certificates Rewards and Extra Earnings By Completing Live sessions. It simply means if you start your work after training You will Earn more money. You can perform your work Easily with no doubts and get results as soon as possible. This is the reason why this platform gives training.

This is the “Easy to use” Affiliate Marketing Platform where you have to share financial products with your friends, Family, and others. You can Earn Upto 3000/- per one sell By using this app But wait This is not so easy that we are thinking about. You have to promote the deals to the right audience and You have to give some effort into it with some intelligence then you will get regular sales and that’s why the app provides training sessions.

Earn Money By network marketing Or referral

One code App Gives You referral income too. Nowadays this way is common in affiliate marketing to make money. In the one code App, You can Earn Money By Improving Your Network Or Lead generation.

You have to Share your referral link with your friends and others on social media. If they join this app through your link you will get an extra commission. Right now this is common on every network and you can earn money from it too. You can share your referral link with your friends on various social media platforms like Whatsapp Facebook Instagram Telegram etc. There are 1 million plus one coders who Earned more than 200000000 till now. one code is the best affiliate marketing platform where you can earn lots of money by only using the App on your smartphone but you must have to give regular efforts to generate sales.

ID Card and Offer letter

After completing the signup process you can see and download your Id card and offer letter from the app. Every time you share any deal it will appear with your photo Id. You need to read the offer letter very carefully to understand your work. There are some Terms & conditions to read carefully.

  • The company is hiring you on a contractual basis
  • The company gives payment to you based on the number of sales performed it simply means that you are getting more sales than the company gives you more incentives & bonuses but this is only possible when you are consistent at your work.
  • You have to drive more traffic to one code’s partner brands means you have to share the deals with the people who are more interested in it or who need it the most.
  • Communicate with your audience or network and you have to answer all the service-related questions to your audience. You have to share the benefits of your products with the customers to attract them.
  • You have to maintain a good relationship with your customers
  • If you want to generate more sales and more income you have to find new ways to promote the products in the market
  • You must know all one code partner brands and services. You can take the help of online sessions arranged by the company. Once you have completed all sessions you will get all the knowledge related to the partner brands and services. You have to be a Financial adviser. It simply means you have to promote the deals in a smart way to attract customers.

List of financial products you have to promote

  • Credit Cards
  • Instant Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Pay Later/EMI Cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Demat Accounts
  • Digital Gold/Silver
  • Gold Loan/card

You can Earn money through recharges and bill payments are given below.

  • Electricity bill
  • Mobile Recharge
  • DTH
  • Broadband
  • Water bill
  • LPG Booking
  • Gas Bills

Add Customers

You can Earn Money In One code App By sharing or promoting the deals to your network but in this app, there is one option “add customers” by which you can add customers. Add customers by entering the details of the customer manually. You can suggest the products or services to your friends and relatives by adding their details to the app.

Credit score check

In the One code app, there is an option “check credit score”. Using this you can check the credit score of your friends or audience. You can check the most suitable credit cards and loans for anyone by using this option given in the code app. It simply means you can check whether your friend is eligible for a credit card or not. If eligible then you can share the most suitable credit card with him. 

How to take a payout from one code

How to take a payout from one code

 If you have started earning money from this app then you can take a payout from this app using PayTM and NEFT(Bank transfer) If you have a PayTM account then you have to enter your Paytm number and you will receive the payout in 7 days. If you want to withdraw your earnings through NEFT. Then you have to enter your bank details like Account number, Name, and IFSC code. You can link your bank account in this app by giving your bank details in it.

One code is Legit or Fake

Before you start using this app there is one question always remaining in your mind that is “app is Legit or Fake” but don’t worry one code is the 100% Real and Legit app. You can register and start earning money right now using this app. There are millions of Onecoders Earning lots of money using this single App. You can check reviews of this app on Youtube or Google. One code is the 100% Legit and real Indian affiliate marketing platform from where you can Earn RS.50000/-per month with some skills you have to learn. Right Now many users in India Earn lots of money from this app even the most popular YouTubers in India work on this app. And they recommend to their audience to earn from this app in their youtube videos.

Earlier we discussed the App Earnkaro which is India’s #1 affiliate marketing platform where you can promote the products of more than 150 brands. Earnkaro is a platform where you can promote lots of products from various E-commerce platforms like Ajio, Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart. And you can promote some of the Financial products Like SBI Credit Card, and IDFC Credit cards also in the Earnkaro app.

In comparison To Earnkaro, One code is an Affiliate Marketing platform where you have to promote only Financial Products. But the good thing about the One code app is You will get More commission In comparison to Earnkaro. In One code App, You can Earn Upto Rs.3000/- per selling a single credit card.

Final Words

As we have discusses in this article “One code” is the Easy to use and best affiliate marketing platform where. You can earn lots of money By only using the “one code” app. But remember you have to get trained and perform your work very well to Earn lots of money from this app. You have to give regular efforts and use your intelligence in it. So friends You can start your affiliate marketing journey from One code. All the best!!

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